2: Product Access

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2: Product Access

Receive Confirmation Email(s)

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Welcome aboard! We are excited you're an official customer. There are many resources to help you get the most out of your product - from implementation and operational management. You'll first get started by receiving your Order Confirmation: Sav...
by KPBussey Flexera Alumni

Access your Product

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Follow these instructions to download your product. Approve on-prem download requests (if applicable): Any other user who needs to download the product must request access. Send them the information in step two and approve requests as they arrive....
by KPBussey Flexera Alumni

Access Customer Community

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Register at community.flexera.com by clicking Sign In You can link to your individual community with your account by adding your account ID and product ID during registration. These sources of data may be found in your order confirmation emails. ...
by KPBussey Flexera Alumni

Subscribe to your Product Areas

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Notifications offer a great way to receive updates on community discussions, knowledge base article additions and release blog updates. We recommend subscribing to receive updates in relation to Flexera product(s) that you work with, using a minimum...
by KPBussey Flexera Alumni

Learn How to Use Your Product

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We offer a technical Getting Started series for your product and recommend any technical users take the training. To access the Getting Started series: Sign-in Click on "Learning Center," located in the top navigation menu Click on the appropriate...
by KPBussey Flexera Alumni

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